Our Product

Integrated Distributed Data Usage Control Enforcement

IND2UCE is a software solution for the administration, evaluation and implementation of security rules. It provides:

  • A SDK for easy integration
  • A scalable privacy service, that can be used as cloud service, or on-premise
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • User-friendly management of users, components and policies
  • An Intuitive Policy Editor
  • High extensibility

Data Usage Control

The research area of Data Usage Control extends classic access control. The fundamental idea is to create comprehensive control possibilities that you can use to control your data in a fine-grained manner, even after you have granted others access to your data.

In modern company networks, sensitive data are stored, processed, and exchanged around the clock through distributed services, processes, and staff. Comprehensive security measures are necessary to protect your business data from undesirable usage and (possibly unintentional) dissemination.

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IND2UCE Framework

The IND2UCE Framework provides the foundations for a technical implementation of usage control.

It consists of three layers:
  • Enforcement ("PEP" and "PXP")
  • Decision-making ("PDP" and "PIP")
  • Management ("PAP", "PMP" and "PRP")
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